Thursday, October 23, 2014

We met the Duggars!

My family teases me that Michelle Duggar is my best friend.  

Needless to say, I like their show.  I find it inspiring and encouraging.  

They clearly love the Lord, their family and others.

It was such a joy to meet them tonight!

I love it that my sister, Rock Star, went in for the hug!  There are so many of us Mommas who understand.  Parenting little ones is so stinkin' hard and Michelle gives sound advice and encouragement via their show and their books.  She always points us back to the Lord and His Word as our strength in this season.  Oh man, do I need that reminder.

Rock Star and I joke that "it was not a Mrs. Duggar day" when we have been impatient with our children.  Of course, I am sure that she has those days too!  

Our children enjoy their show so it was fun for them too!  

What a fun memory.  I'm so glad we made it out tonight!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

We love fall!  One of our favorite activities is our trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  It was a beautiful day and we all had an awesome time!




 Miss Ruthie

Mommy and Miss Ruthie

Baby E and Baby D snoozed away.

B's last year to ride the Barrel Train!

The sign says, "8 and under only please."

He decided right before they got in that he didn't want to ride it.  I think he thought it was a baby thing.  Please, please ride it.  Do it for your mother.  You are growing up too fast.  Give me this one last year.  Ha!  He rode it but only because he was keeping an eye on sissy.

The zip line is a highlight each year!

They added the "Rat Race."  B and W won!

The big slide!  This was my very first year to get to slide down.  It seems that every year I am either pregnant or have a baby in a carrier.  This year the babies were both content in the stroller for a while.  Miss Ruthie and I had a blast!

There were fun activities everywhere we turned.

8 pumpkins to represent our family.

Another Pumpkin Patch trip in the books!

Go team!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our Kansas City Vacation

We love to travel but having two little babies has slowed us down a wee bit.

We thought about heading to Dallas this fall but we chickened out when we considered the long drive.

Kansas City was a nice short drive and there were plenty of fun activities for us to do.

The first question...where do we stay?  We require a lot of space with six kiddos.  We checked out several hotels to see if we could find a suite large enough.  In the end, we decided to rent a VRBO "Vacation Rental by Owner."  EJ found a two bedroom apartment right off the plaza.

It was nice to have the extra space.  The full size kitchen was also a big benefit.  We brought the 'ol crock pot and some other groceries so we could easily feed our bunch.  We ate out a lot too but it was good to have a few meals at the apartment.

We did not consider asking if the apartment was handicap accessible.  We use our stroller to transport the babies.  There were stairs to get in and then the elevator was tiny.  We figured out a system to get us all in and out but it was a little tricky.

Day 1

First stop...the much anticipated visit to Lego Discovery Center!

Our Lego loving fellas were in their element!

We finished up the day with a visit to Fritz restaurant.  You order via a phone in your booth and then a train carries your food to you.  It was fun for our kids but not so much for the kid in the booth near by.  The train malfunctioned and dropped her burger and fries on her head.  It would have been kind of funny if it was a grown up but it really upset this sweet little 3 year old girl.  She just cried and cried.  Bless her heart.

Day 2

Federal Reserve Bank - Money Museum

Free Admission!

WWI Museum
(we snagged bogo tickets for the WWI Museum from the Money Museum)

Sea Life Aquarium

Baby D loved seeing the fish swim by!

Fountains at Crown Center

Day 3

Union Station

Science City

We got in free to Science City!  Our membership to the local science museum got us in.  We didn't realize we could do that but an awesome lady at the info booth in Union Station gave us that money saving hint.

It was so much fun!

I love this picture of my babies.  Baby D doesn't always cheese so big for my pictures.  I love this toothy baby smile.

I am definitely raising boys.  When they realized there was a toilet in the NASA exhibit they were like, "Mom, take my picture!  It looks like I am going poop!"  Geez.

Ummm...this is unacceptable.  Baby Sister thinks it must be cool since the big bubbas are doing it.  Oh my.

Isn't this fella handsome!

My oldest little man, B, is not so little anymore.  It won't be long before he is taller than his Momma!

Me and my man.

The kiddos just thought they were "out of school" while we were on our vacation.  Little did they know they were going to learn a lot.  This home school family views life as one big classroom!

This little guy snuck in a lot of naps in the carrier.

Deanna Rose Farmstead

We LOVED this place!  It was a beautiful fall day and it wasn't crowded at all.  We went on a Friday so we paid $12 to get our whole family in.  If we had gone Monday through Thursday it would have been free.  

Everyone chose a souvenir.  Q chose a tractor.  Miss Ruthie chose a Mommy Cow.  B and W chose Racoon Skin Caps.  They wore them for the rest of the vacation.

The next day, a man saw them and said, "Nice Haircuts!"  They thought that was hysterical.

Day 4

Nelson Atkins Art Museum - Free Admission!  We had fun going through this beautiful museum.  We also ate lunch here and it was delicious. 


I had heard of IKEA and I knew that KC just got one recently.  I wanted to check it out.  I made a big mistake.

We went to IKEA...

On a Saturday.

With 6 children.

We were happy to get out of there alive.

Those of you who have been to IKEA before are laughing.  I just know it.

Day 5

Kansas City Zoo

We traveled home on day 5 so we decided to head to the zoo first thing.  We figured we would spend a few hours there and then be on our way.  Good heavens, that Zoo is MASSIVE.   We were only able to see little bit of it before we left.  Good thing we got in for half price.  Thanks to our membership at our local zoo.

This vacation powered by...

Vacationing with six children is a lot of work but it is totally worth it.  We love to share adventures with them!  This season will be over before we know it.  Some day we will travel by ourselves and think about the "good 'ol days" when the kids were home.  We will probably wonder how we survived all the craziness!