Thursday, February 19, 2015

12 months and 17 months

These two.

They are just too much.

My sweet baby boys.

Now they are both big one year olds!

This is my last monthly update.

I plan to put together a post with all 12 of their monthly photo shoots.

It has been a wild ride!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Baby E turns 1!

1 year ago, we finished packing our hospital bags and tucked into bed. We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 5:30am. Grandma was here (EJ's mom). She slept on the couch to be close to the kiddos. We said goodbye early that morning and headed to the hospital to meet our new baby boy. It is hard to describe how I felt that morning. I wrote about my feelings the day before he was born. What a sacred time.

Before we knew it he was here! Hello sweet baby E. Welcome to the world! He had a beautiful birth day.

I felt such joy as I held him. Another precious miracle gifted to us.

We were so glad to get home. It was exciting to introduce him to his big brothers and big sister. The Lord blessed me in many ways during E's first two weeks but I will never forget the way he healed me from the baby blues.

Snuggled up with our little super hero.

He was such a tiny little peanut.

He and Daddy spent a lot of quality time just like this.

Check out this smile!

All five of my boys have worn this outfit. I am a sucker for a baby in stripes.

I love wearing our babies in my wrap. Baby E loved it too. He was always happy to hitch a ride with Momma.

Before we knew it he was rolling over!

First time in the swing.

 This photo is just too much. His sweet smile and those eyes!

Trying solid food for the first time.

 Pulling up!

His first Christmas.

Borrowing Sissy's stroller to practice walking.

Uh Oh. He can climb on Mommy's step stool.

He adores riding with his big bubbas on this car.

1st Birthday Pictures and 1st Hair Cut

Check out this handsome boy!  He had a blast doing his one year photo shoot.  He is having an airplane birthday so I knew we had to find a bomber jacket and pilot hat.  Oh my stars.  What a cutie pie!

He was even a trooper for his first haircut!

 He is such a big boy now!

We are just thrilled to celebrate this day. 1st birthdays are my absolute favorite. Not only do we celebrate the milestones our little man accomplished, we also give each other a high five. We did it! Newborn babies take everything you've got. That first year is intense to say the least. It has gone by quickly. We are privileged to watch our precious baby boy take on his next year of life. 

Next up on his agenda...Walking. He will be taking off before we know it. Climbing seems to be a natural for him. Unfortunately, that means he has also fallen a few times. He is an adventurous little man so I know bumps and bruises come with the territory.  I don't have to like it though.  He narrowly escaped stitches just a few days ago.  Little stinker!

Thank you Lord for the precious blessing that is Baby E!

Happy Birthday Little Man!

We love you!