Saturday, March 12, 2016

Australia Day 7

We were on the bus at 4:15am for a 1 hour ride from Port Douglas to Cairns.

We flew 3 hours or so from Cairns to Sydney.

While we were in the Sydney airport EJ decided to pull the trigger and purchase the kangaroo pelt he had been eyeing all week. I couldn't say no. I was the kill joy who convinced him not to buy the didgeridoo he wanted so badly. I felt kind of bad about it. I just couldn't figure out where we would keep a didgeridoo. He sold me on the kangaroo pelt by promising that it would find a home at his office.

Also, he was super supportive of me buying authentic Australian Uggs the day we went to Kuranda. So fancy. Well, it would be fancy if Uggs were fancy. I know they are ugly but man boy howdy they are snuggly.

Next flight was the big one...Sydney to Dallas.

Finally Dallas to Wichita.

(Our boys are travel warriors!)

Car ride from the airport to home. (Thank you to EJ's dad aka Papa for the ride home)

We made it home by 6:30pm but we made plans to pick up the little four the next day. I knew that we would need a good night of sleep. It was so hard not to run to the farm and hug them. Grammy and Pop had been keeping them all week but they had to be out of town for a wedding. Aunt Rock Star took over when they left. She had 8 children ages 2 to 10. She is the best!

We went to bed in an attempt to rest up before picking up the youngest four. Poor B and W were completely off due to the time changes. They kept waking up and had a terrible time going back to sleep.

We woke up around 10:30am and headed to get the kids as soon as we were ready. We couldn't wait to wrap our arms around those sweeties!

It feels so good to be all together again! Adventures are fantastic but the best place to be is HOME. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Australia Day 6

Today was our last full day in Port Douglas, Australia. The boys referred to this day as "Fishy Friday." They went on a fishing adventure with their Daddy and two friends we met on our trip. These new friends know EJ's Cousin's kiddos in Indiana. It is such a small world!

Turns out they caught more sharks than fish! W caught a 3 foot hammerhead shark but they didn't get it pulled in. It got caught up in the lines and broke one of their poles.

While they were busy fishing, I headed to the spa. This busy Momma spent a good 1 1/2 being pampered. Ooo La La. It was a fantastic way to spend our last day.

I was just a little excited.

The sweet gal who checked me in, walked me to the changing room. She told me to put on my robe and sandals provided. Then she said, "You can take your knickers off or leave them on. It is up to you."

First of all, I think we should use the term "knickers" for undies. It just sounds right.

Second of all, I know this is too much information but I chose to take the knickers off.

Finally, I read on the locker wall that if you take your knickers off you are to wear the lovely paper knickers they provided.

EJ won't let me post the picture so I will describe them for know the undies they give you after you have a baby? Those are granny panty disposable undies. These paper knickers are more of the thong variety. Definitely more than I bargained for.

In the words of my sister, "So always keep your knickers on in Australia or else they make you wear thong knickers."

Words to live by.

Moving on. 

The massage and scalp treatment were amazing. I enjoyed every minute of the pampering. 

We spent the afternoon swimming in the beautiful pool.

Soon it was time to get cleaned up and head to the farewell dinner.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Australia Day 5

First of all, EJ found this wicked cool kangaroo leather hat at the markets in Kuranda. I like it. It is very Crocodile Dundee of him.

Today we went to the much anticipated Hartley's Crocodile Adventure!

This episode of Daily Outfit Selfie brought to you by photo bombing husband.

Cute little koala hanging out having a little nap.

This guy shared with us about the Cassowary. These birds are huge and colorful. They are also incredibly dangerous. They make a sound like a dinosaur in the Jurassic Park movies. It is a low, rumbling sound. It would be terrifying if you were in the wild and heard it. They let us feed them after the talk. I was kind of nervous to be near them after the explanation of how dangerous they are.

We got a tour of the crocodile farm and learned about the way they raise crocodiles. They use them for their meat and their skin. They were selling a crocodile leather purse for $2,400 in the gift shop. The gal at the gift shop told me that the purses from name brand designers cost much, much more. 


The crocodile boat tour was amazing and terrifying all at the same time. The guide told us to look under our seats. Then he said, "Notice there are no life jackets. That is for obvious reasons. Just swim faster than the guy next to you and you will be alright." 

He had names for all the crocodiles. One was named "fluffy". Another crocodile we saw was just relocated there from a local golf course. How would you like to see a crocodile come out of the water while hitting your golf ball. Yikes!

The entire staff at this place seemed to really love what they do. They were knowledgeable and encouraged us to ask a lot of questions.


The crocodile feeding and information show was fun to watch. The staff member who shared with us about the crocodiles explained that there are salt water crocodiles and fresh water crocodiles or "freshies" as he called them.

EJ got the chance to feed some of the "freshies" but I think we only got that on video.

We all held a baby crocodile. His skin was so soft. The guy in front of us from England described it as "lovely".

We spent the afternoon lounging at the pool. It felt good to get in the water after sweating it out at the Crocodile farm.

We had reservations at "Salsa" in Port Douglas for dinner. We got all cleaned up and headed to town. The food was delicious. The company was fantastic. The view was beautiful.

We took the shuttle back home as soon as we finished up. We are so exhausted by the end of these days. We all look forward to getting back to the resort in the evening.