Monday, July 30, 2012

Punch that seizure in the face!

We were praying before our lunch today.  W asked if he could say the prayer. 

W: "Dear God, please heal my body and punch that seizure in the face!  In Jesus Name, Amen."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A rude awakening

We arrived home from a 12 day vacation on Sunday.  That night we were all exhausted!  We went to bed as usual.  In the early morning hours, W (our 5 year old son), came into our room.  EJ pulled him into bed with us so we could all go back to sleep.  At 5:23am, I woke up to feeling W convulsing in the bed next to me.  I immediately realized he was having a seizure.
I said, "EJ, turn on the light and call 911!  W is having a seizure."

I laid my hand on his arm as I watched his body convulse over and over again.  He was in the fetal position and his little hands were curled in, his eyes were rolled back in his head, and spit was coming out of his mouth.

EJ explained what was happening to the 911 operator and answered all the questions.  EJ said the seizure lasted around 5 minutes.

When the seizure stopped, W remained unconscious.  We couldn't get him to respond to us.

"Is he breathing????" EJ asked.

I pulled up his shirt and saw that his chest was rising and falling.  "Yes" I said, "but it is really shallow."

EJ continued to talk to the 911 operator. 

I grabbed my phone and called Pop and Grammy.  Pop answered.  I said, "W has had a seizure and he is unconscious.  An ambulance is on the way.  I don't know what I will need."

Pop responded, "We are on our way."

I threw on my robe and ran to the door to unlock it for the EMS workers to enter the house.  I ran back to the bedroom and told EJ, "Get dressed.  You will have to ride in the ambulance.  I have to nurse Ruthie."

Ruthie was awake but laying quietly in her bassinet.  B and Q stayed asleep in their room.

First an officer arrived.  He came in and checked W's vitals.  Soon the ambulance arrived with 2 EMTs.  They started assessing W and put oxygen on him.  They assured us that it was normal for him to be unresponsive after a seizure.  When they put the oxygen on him, he moved his face a little so the EMT said that was good.  She told us that they were going to start an IV on him in the ambulance so they could give him medicine if he had another seizure.

EJ called his folks and his Mom said she would meet him at the hospital.

I handed EJ W's Pop Bear so he could have it when he woke up.

Before they moved him onto the stretcher, I prayed over him quietly, "Father God, you have my son in the palm of your hand.  Please heal him Father.  Protect him Lord.  We trust you.  In Jesus Name, Amen."  I whispered, "I love you sweetie.  I will be there as quick as I can.  Daddy is with you.  Do not be afraid."

As I watched them take my baby to the ambulance my head was spinning.  I knew EJ was with him but it was breaking my heart not to be with them.  Pop and Grammy came through the door before the ambulance had even left.

"Where is he?"  Pop asked

"He is in the ambulance.  He is stable."  I answered.

"What does that mean?" Pop asked.

"He is breathing and he has a good heart rate."  I answered.

We heard Ruthie cry and Grammy went to get her.  I put my clothes on and gathered up all that I would need to get Ruthie and I to the hospital.  Grammy helped get some clothes for W to wear.  I asked Pop to text my sisters.  I fed Ruthie and then we headed out.

Pop made plans to return our RV for us. (We had rented one for our vacation)

As Ruthie and I drove to the hospital we got updates from EJ.  W woke up when they put in the IV.  He didn't know what was happening and he was scared.  The ER doctor was going to assess him soon.  I prayed as I drove.  I thanked God that EJ had pulled W into bed with us last night.  I thanked God for the calm I felt.  I thanked God for the strong and loving father that EJ is.  I thanked God for the EMS workers.  I thanked God for incredible grandparents willing to step in at a moments notice.  The tears flowed as I drove.  My God is so big and mighty.  I could feel his presence.  I prayed for healing for my baby.

When we arrived at the hospital W took one look at me and started to cry.  I hugged my little man careful not to disturb his IV or wires.  It was such a relief to see him awake.  He was glad to see his baby sister too.  He talked to her a little and told her that she could hold his Pop Bear for a minute.  So sweet!
(big yawn...he is not yelling but it looks like he is!)

EJ's Mom took care of little Ruthie while EJ and I accompanied W to his CT scan.  He did such a good job during the scan.  He was calm and quiet.  When the test was finished the nurse held up three different stuffed animals for him to choose one.  He said, "Hmmm...this one is for B, this one is for Q and I'll take this one."  I told the nurse that he has two brothers at home.  She laughed and told W that his brothers didn't have to do all this so just W gets the stuffed animal.  He chose a koala and hugged it tight.

The CT scan was clear, his blood work was good and he was doing well.  They contacted the local pediatric neurologist and got his advice on the next step.  It was decided that W would be on an anti-seizure medication until he could be assessed by the neurologist.  They warned us that the medication would probably make him sleepy.

(Playing angry birds with his Grandma)

At some point, I realized that I forgot to bring shoes for W and I forgot his car seat.  Arghhh!  Pop brought them up to the hospital.  When he arrived, W looked up from the angry birds game he was playing and hollered, "Pop!"  He climbed into Pop's arms and stayed there until we got out to the car.  Right before we put him in the car he looked at Pop and said, "Pop, want to hear a joke?"  What a goofball!

We hugged EJ's Mom and thanked her for coming.  She made plans to bring over dinner that night.  Have I mentioned that I love that woman?

Pop said he would meet us back at the house so he could pick up Grammy.  I said, "Um...can you leave her there?  I think I am going to need her." 

When we got home Grammy made pancakes for W, EJ and I.  We were glad to be home and eat a yummy breakfast.  B and Q were glad to have their brother back home!  Pop came back by to check in before he went to get some work done.  EJ headed off to work and Grammy stayed to help.  I was glad she did.  I had hardly taken a breath since we had arrived home from vacation.  I was so grateful for the extra set of hands.

Pop came back later that day to pick Grammy up.  By then, we realized that the medication was not making W sleepy.  It was having the opposite effect.  He sat with Pop and talked non-stop.  He was practically bouncing off the walls.  Apparently, some children will respond to the med by becoming hyper and irritable.  Oh goody. 

At this point, we have a neurology appointment scheduled for next week.  They will do an EEG and then we will go from there.  We don't know what caused the seizure but we do know that we can trust God completely.

Last night, we prayed together as a family.  We praised God for his protection and love.  EJ and I kept W in bed with us.  We didn't want him to be away from us in case he had another seizure.  It was more for our peace of mind than anything else.  EJ and I prayed again together before we went to sleep.  Our sleeping W between us.  I started out and prayed for a while and then EJ began to pray.  Clearly the prayer was powerful because this worried Momma drifted right off to sleep before he was done.  Even when we don't have all the answers there is peace in the Lord.