Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spies like us

Bubba is really into spies lately.  He wants to know all about them.  His Daddy even bought him a spy kit complete with a secret marker and decoder marker.  He has had so much fun leaving secret messages.

He has been asking for black clothes.  After all, a good spy has to be sneaky.  You should have seen the joy on that little face when we found black clothes for him last night.  Of course, he wanted his brothers to have spy clothes too. 

Little Q isn't sure this spy thing is a good idea but he was willing to play along.  Wubba was totally into it.

Don't ask them about their spy work.

They could tell you but they'd have to kill you.  Hee Hee.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Boy or Girl?

Who are we going to meet in April?

I am so excited to find out!  Some people have the patience to wait until their baby comes but not us.  We found out with each of the older boys and Q's birth mom found out too.

My pregnancy has been completely different this time around.  I have had symptoms that I never had before.  This leads me to wonder if it could be a girl in there. 

Then I remember that Grammy had four girls and she said one of her pregnancies was totally different than the others.  So...

Who knows!  It could be another bouncing baby boy. 

We are just thrilled to have another little blessing.

It will take me exactly 2 seconds to adjust to whoever it is and be completely overjoyed.

Just a few more weeks until we find out.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby Thumps!

I have been feeling little flutters for the last couple weeks.  For the last few days I haven't noticed anything.  I tried not to worry about the baby. 

But today...

I felt a THUMP.

Then later tonight I felt 2 more thumps.


Kick away little baby.

Momma loves you!


Oh my stars.  I LOVE pickles.  I did not experience this craving in previous pregnancies.  I am currently working my way through the large jar of pickles on the left. 

Normally pickles are just okay in my book.

But these days that sour taste "hurts so good".

I gotta go.  I hear a pickle calling my name.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taco Bell Verde Sauce...

 Where have you been all my life????
This stuff is amazingly yummy.  Have they always had it and I just didn't notice? 
Has anyone else tried this? 


Friday, October 7, 2011

Sweet Relief

I am 13 weeks and a few days now.  The pregnancy seems to be progressing nicely.  I am feeling better.  Not as much nausea.  Praise the Lord!  I am still tired but not as tired as I was in the first trimester.

This morning we had a much anticipated baby appointment.  I was anxious to hear that little heart beat and know that all is well.  I have been fighting my fears for the last couple of weeks.  The "What Ifs?" have been screaming loudly in my head.

I did not mentioned my concerns in front of the children.  I did tell them that we had an appointment coming up.  Bubba said, "Mom, what if this baby's heart stops beating?" 

I thought to myself...Can you read my mind little man?

I told him that we just needed to pray and ask God to keep growing the baby big and strong.  I reminded him that we can trust God with our baby.  God will take care of us no matter what.

I told him all the things I have been telling myself.

EJ and I headed off to our Dr.'s appointment this morning.  We got right in.  The nurse was a new one (at least new to me).  She checked my blood pressure and then prepared to listen for the heart beat on the doppler.  No heart beat.  She moved that thing all around my tummy.  Still no heart beat.  She said that the Doctor would be in shortly and he could usually find it right away.  I saw her type this note into my chart, "No Fetal Heart Tones detected on doppler."

The minutes seemed to go on forever.  I could hardly keep myself calm.  The tears started to well up.  EJ prayed over me and the baby.

When Dr. K came in he said, "How is it going?"

I said, "I'm trying not to freak out!"

He looked on the counter and saw that the doppler was still out.  "Oh, I see.  Let me listen.  If we don't get the heartbeat right away we will do a sonogram."

He placed the doppler on my tummy and immediately found our little baby's heart beat.

And I lost my good mind.

I am serious.

I started to cry.  Not the kind of crying where a tear rolls down your cheek as you silently thank God.  I mean the kind of crying where your whole body gets involved.  I was sobbing so hard my tummy was moving and he could hardly finish listening to that little heartbeat.

Sweet relief my friends.