Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Play Daddy Style

As the Momma of this family, I think I am pretty hip. 
You know, I am fun.
I dance, play and laugh with them.
I cannot compare to the kind of fun Daddy provides.
He is big and strong and silly.
He roughs them up and throws them around.
He takes snow play up a level for sure.
Look at these happy faces.
Even the snow man looks happy.
When EJ came to the window to wave at Lil' Ruthie
she smiled at first but then started to cry.
She wanted in on the Daddy fun.
Bless her heart.
She drew the short straw and had to stay
with Mommy while I made dinner.
Check out my blog post at Four Sisters Farm about our Sledding Competition.

It snowed!!!

Oh the joy of snow!


(snotty nose and all)
Lil' Ruthie


Lil Ruthie stayed warm in these fantastic new boots. 
So cute! 
(I am wearing my favorite pair of red gloves from
EJ's sassy 80 something Great Aunt.)
I mean seriously, look at these boots!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Get Well Soon

EJ's dad "Papa" had two surgeries only a couple of months apart.
After his second surgery, I asked the kiddos to make "Get Well" cards.  I wanted them to hand deliver their cards to Papa and brighten his day.
Usually they ask me how to spell everything.  This time W (5) asked on most of the words but he just took a stab at a couple of them.
So, how's this for encouragement...

More accurate translation:
Quit having surgeries and you will get better
So there you have it Papa.  Just quit having surgeries.  It is that simple.  At least it is that simple when you are 5. 
The card might as well have said, "Suck it up Buttercup."

Perhaps next time I should supervise the card writing.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Little Preacher Man

W: "Hey Sissy, I will preach to you out of the bible."
"Mom, help me find chapter 15."
"Sissy, do you know Pastor Mac (the pastor at our church)?"
(Very important conversations occur on our kitchen floor.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Be still my heart

W to Lil Ruthie:
"Sissy, did you notice that? 
I love your mom."

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My 4-step plan for shopping with children

Shopping with children can be difficult. 
There must be a plan.
(Important note: this plan only works if you have lovingly disciplined children.  If you have decided that your kids are in charge then this plan will not work.  Good luck to you and all those around you.)
Step One: Caffeinate
It is best if you are at Target where you can immediately access Starbucks.
Who am I kidding?  It is always best to be at Target no matter what.
Step Two: Contain
That means anyone age three or under is securely strapped somewhere; the cart or a baby wrap for an itty bitty.  This rule is important even when your three year old is the size of a 5 year old.  What are you people looking at???
Step Three: Conquer
Have your list ready to go and make it happen. 
Mess around too long and everyone will lose it (including you).
Step Four: Congratulate
Once your children and purchases are safe and secure in the car, look at that gorgeous woman in the mirror and tell her..."Way to go Sister!"

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Teaching my fellas

There was a time in my life when I thought I would never home school my children.
I am so glad things changed.
Teaching my blessings is amazing.
It isn't always easy.
But it is always worth it!
I praise God for this time with them.
It will be short.
I am going to make the most of it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Sisters

These are my sisters.
They share so many things with me.
It's not JUST because we are family.
We are also sisters in Christ.
We are wives.
We are mothers.
We are women with dreams and goals.
We are silly.
We are strong.
We are tender.
We are passionate.
We are best friends.
 When Rock Star got so sick that she had to be admitted to the ICU, my whole world came to a stop.  All the little things around me just didn't matter anymore.
My sister was sick.
Her children were without her.
Her baby was without his Momma and his milk.
She was in pain physically but even more than that emotionally.
She was like a Momma Bear whose Cub had been taken from her.
There are so many things to tell but I will let you read them in her words.
Pop and Grammy literally moved in to take care of everyone.
From this sisters perspective it was terrifying.
Honestly, it is every moms worst nightmare to be unable to care for her children.
When Rock Star came home her heart was so full and happy but her body was exhausted.
She was so weak that blow drying her hair was out of the question.
I was over there one night and she asked if I would do it for her.
It was my privilege.
This time I got to serve.
That is the beauty of these precious women in my life.
When it is my turn to need them.
They will step in.
They will serve.
They will take over.
They will love.
They are my sisters.
I am so blessed.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ain't nobody got time for that

Coffee cups are important to me.  I have a favorite cup for home and a favorite to go cup.  My favorites have changed over the years.  Usually they change without my permission.  They get broken and I have to move on.  It is painful and requires a short mourning period.

I have been on the look out for a new favorite for about a week or two.

Then one glorious day, Grammy showed up with a little gift.  Two beautiful zebra print coffee cups.  Not only do they perfectly match my home (I have a thing for zebra print) but they are also the perfect shape and size.  FABULOUS!

I recently bought some dishes that came with coffee cups.  I knew they would be worthless to me.  Just look at the size of that puny white mug.

When I brew a fresh cup of coffee (thank you Keurig) I add just the right amount of sugar and cream.  If I were to use a puny cup I would have to make a smaller cup of coffee.  Which means I would have to doctor up my coffee more times per day.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

On that note, does anyone need 8 puny coffee cups?  They are free to a good home.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Haircut

Q man has been blessed with the most amazing head of curly hair.  I love how it looks when it is long enough to see those curls.  Since Aunt DW moved out of state we needed a new plan for Q's hair cuts.  Mind you, DW moved out of state in September so you can imagine just how long his curls were.

EJ and I decided that he would take him to the barber shop while I took the other kids and did some shopping at Wal-Mart.  EJ was planning to have the barber do a short cut on the sides and maybe leave it a little longer on top.

Turns out the barber encouraged EJ to buzz all the hair off so his first time in a big boy barber chair wouldn't be too scary.  Otherwise he would have to pick out his hair and that is no fun for the little man.  (we do it once a week when he has his hair washed)  So...EJ agreed that would be best. 

What EJ didn't do was WARN THE MOMMA. 

When EJ showed up with a bald Q I almost cried my eyes out right there in aisle 6 at Wal-Mart.  I held it together so Q wouldn't know what I was thinking.  I told Q how proud I was of him!  I looked at my husband and tried really hard not to go to my ugly place.  You know the place where asking him, "What were you smoking?!?!?!" seems totally appropriate.

After he explained the whole situation to me, I calmed down a little.  It took me a REALLY long time to get used to it.  In the end, the Q man can pull it off; and praise the good Lord, his hair grows fast!

P.S. He had a very good experience at the barber shop and we are thrilled to have found a place to take him.  Next time we won't let his hair get so long before we go!