Friday, May 24, 2013


Last week we got THE CALL.

Adoptive Families know exactly what I am talking about.


We have been chosen by a birth momma!!!

Once upon a time I wondered if I would ever have children.  Now I am expecting my 5th baby here on earth.  I am in awe of this blessing.

Q's adoption happened at lightening speed.  We got the call on a Monday, he was born that Friday and we were home that Sunday.

Baby C's adoption roller coaster was 30 days long.  As you know, Baby C's Mom decided to parent, so he did not come home.

We have never entered an adoption relationship with much time to prepare.  In this case, our dear birth momma, Hope (this is what I have named her for the blog for obvious reasons), is 1/2 way through her pregnancy.  We will get to walk through the second half with her.

There was a time when this would have scared the daylights out of me.

After all, there is a lot at risk.  It hurts when an adoption fails.

We could pour out our hearts, resources and time and in the end we could end up without a baby.

That is just the truth.

No one likes to say it but it is always a possibility.

It is easy to consider our own fears, but what about Hope?

She made a brave and sacrificial choice.

In a society where ending the life of an unplanned baby is legal, she chose life...

and then she chose us!

She told me that she had more than a dozen family profiles but she just kept coming back to ours.

Hope invited me to come to the doctor with her in order for the sonogram tech to determine her due date.  Originally we thought it was too early to determine the gender.

It wasn't too early.

I got to hear the words, "It's a boy!" as I sat right next to Hope.

I got to watch our son wiggle and kick on the screen.

I can already tell he is adorable. 

A momma just knows these things.

I called EJ and put him on speaker phone.  I had Hope tell him the news.  He rejoiced on the other end of the line.

Hope is allowing us in.

What a privilege.

What amazing memories we will be able to share with our son!

I hated to say goodbye to her and drive back home.

I had to remind myself that we would see each other again soon.

When I got home EJ and I put a "clue" in a gift bag for the kiddos.  They knew there was a baby coming but didn't know if it was a boy or girl.

They worked together to open the present and discovered a blue sleeper! 
We are all so thrilled to welcome a new baby into our family!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!