Wednesday, December 14, 2011

These boys make me laugh

The boys are always saying things that crack me up.  I tell myself to remember them but I think it is a better idea to write them down...

I told Q (23month), "It's prayer time." 
He bowed his little head, folded his hands and said, "Jesus, Amen."

EJ was asked to share at church on Sunday morning.  As he was addressing the congregation, Q kept yelling loudly, "DADDY!"  Finally, EJ looked at him and said, "Hi Q".  That seemed to satisfy him long enough to keep him quiet while EJ finished up.

Wubba (age 4): "Mom, do you know what a mushroom is?"
Me: "What is it?"
Wubba: "It's a snack you eat in your room."
(Well I suppose that makes is a mushROOM)

I was leaning over to get my Uggs on one morning.  Wubba was standing behind me but I didn't think much about it.  He said, "Wow Mom!  You have a big bottom!" 
I laughed and said, "What?  You have a big bottom!"
"No I don't!"  He said as he stuck his buns out and shook them at me.

The other day Bubba (age 6) was in a terrible mood.  We were at Lowes picking out paint for baby sister's room.  He just kept complaining and acting naughty.  I pulled him aside and said, "This behavior is unacceptable.  If you keep it up I will have to discipline you right here in the middle of Lowes."
Bubba replied, "Well that would be inappropriate!"

EJ was giving me a hug when Bubba loudly said, "Dad, don't just stand there...Kiss her!"  Ha!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"I work AWESOME!"

This morning the fellas were working on their home school assignments.

I noticed that Wubba kept getting distracted.  I said, "Wubba, stay focused on your school and work hard."

Wubba replied, "MOM, I don't work hard...I work AWESOME!"

My bad.  I stand corrected.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Bubba!

Bubba aka Power X (our very own secret agent) celebrated his 6th birthday today.

He is such a blessing to us!

We had a Spy themed party.

The invitations included a fedora hat and a mustache.

Bubba made his serious spy face in most of the pictures.

You know Grammy, Grandma and I love a man we are willing to wear a mustaches for. 
As a general rule women like to keep facial hair off their faces!

It was a great night!

Happy Birthday to our first born!
We Love You!!!