Monday, September 19, 2016

Mr. D is 3!

Mr. D,

You are beyond cute. Just look at that picture of you in all your construction gear. My heart can hardly take it. Your vocabulary is taking off and we all get tickled when you try out new words. You are a sweet talker. You are known to say, "Momma, you look good" or "Momma, you a princess." 

You are always busy but you are happy to slow down for a cuddle. Your giggle is contagious. You play hard and you sleep hard. You are strong. We are always amazed at how long you can ride your little bike or walk without getting tired. You love cars, trucks and tractors. You are especially enamored with the characters from "Paw Patrol." For a long time we couldn't understand what you were saying. You would say, "Paw Patrol" and it sounded like "Chubby Troll." Now we all call it chubby troll and you laugh!

You are a gift from God by way of your beautiful birth momma. You are loved well by your family and your birth family. What a special boy! 

I love you little man! You bring such joy into our lives. 3 looks good on you, baby. I look forward to all the ways you will grow and change this year. 

Your Mommy