Monday, May 30, 2016

Meeting Mei Mei

This day was long anticipated.

It began with stirrings in our hearts 11 years ago.

It became urgent with a dream given to an older brother.

It became ever present with the fervent prayers of another brother.

It became clear when the Lord spoke the word RESTORE to her Mommy and Daddy.

We began the journey.

It was full of paperwork.

It was full of research.

It was full of prayer.

It was overwhelming.

Then we saw her face.

We heard her story.

We knew...

We were looking at the face of our daughter.

The Lord spoke in dreams during this time.

He gave me a dream that a lion was after me, ready to attack. When the Lion swiped his paw at me, I saw a hand stop his paw and rescue me. The next scene in my dream was me laughing on the couch with EJ. It was clear to me that this was about our adoption. It was clear to me that God would stop the attacks and keep us safe.

Next, He gave my precious friend a dream. It was during a time when I was hearing the lies of the enemy about my ability to be the momma my children need. It was perfect timing and it brought me great comfort. Her dream was about Mei Mei traveling home to find me. She was happy and she knew everyone. She came to me instead of me coming to her.

Grammy was given a dream during the months of waiting that really impacted me. She told me that I was at a flag raising but instead of a flag going up the pole a whole bunch of people were harnessed together and being lifted up the pole. I was one of those people. As we rose higher and higher my harness broke and I began to fall. My friends held onto me and lowered me down to the ground. Grammy came running to me. When she got to me, I was a little Chinese Girl in a pink dress...trying to be brave and not crying at all.

I never forgot these dreams.

As EJ and I were ushered into a room to meet our daughter, I said to him, "If she is in a pink dress, I am going to lose it."

We could see several children peeking around the corner from a back room. They were waiting for their turn to come out and meet their parents. I looked that direction and that's when I saw her. A tiny girl, in a pink dress with sweet little piggy tails. She was spinning around in a circle, dancing about while she waited.

I grabbed EJ, "I can see her! She is in a pink dress!!!"

We both welled up with tears.

It is a moment we will never forget.

And just like that.

A little girl who was labeled a "foundling" is now a beloved daughter.