Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Barn House

EJ has been dreaming about building a house on his family land ever since he was a little boy.

It is a beautiful place.

The time is finally right.

We are making plans to move to the land.

We have a master plan for the land but we need to take it step by step.

After much deliberation we have decided to build our barn first.

Think more "shop" than traditional barn.  This is an image I found online that helps me imagine it.

A portion of the barn will be our living quarters.

We will move to the land once the Barn House is complete.

That will give us a front row seat for the building of the "Big House."

We are all excited for this new adventure.

That's right.

We are going to move all eight of us into a barn.

Don't feel sorry for us.

Think super cute barn apartment.

My mind is reeling with all the details.

Pinterest and I are working hard on it.

Stay tuned.

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